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Ruby On Ales 2012 Schedule

March 1 - 2, 2012

( 6 available presentations )
03/01/2012, 05:10 PM
831 roa2012 outgrowing the cloud thumb 0004 thumb
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Date Posted: 09/29/2012

The cloud is great. It has lowered the bar for deploying applications. The cloud has encouraged experimentation which has lead to innovation. But what happens when an application's needs grows beyond what simple cloud services can offer?

In this riveting presentation Mike will discuss systems architecture and strategies for growing apps. He'll share specifics about the challenges Bloomfire met by making key changes to their infrastructure, including how network topology was used to solve critical issues with no changes to the application code.

03/01/2012, 05:50 PM
832 roa2012 start your engines thumb 0003 thumb
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Date Posted: 09/30/2012

Engines are a new-to-Rails feature that really isn't all that new-to-Rails. The concept has been around for a very long time, it's just only now that they, the Rails Core Team, has Done It Right(tm). In this talk, I go through the lessons learned while developing not just one but two engines.

I also provide more documentation than Rails has at the moment on engines *in one talk*.

03/01/2012, 06:30 PM
833 roa2012 how learning ruby made me a better objective c programmer thumb 0001 thumb
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Date Posted: 09/30/2012

After working with C++ in the early 90s, I ended up on a project on NeXT for two years. The programming language on NeXT was Objective C which seemed like C++'s weird uncle. Java came along and kept me busy for the next several years while Apple simultaneously built Mac OS X atop NeXTStep. In 2006, I heard on the Java Posse podcast about Ruby on Rails. Compared to Java EE, Rails was a dream come true. After spending several years with Rails and simultaneously finding my way into Mac and iOS development, I started to understand why Objective C was much cooler than I had realized.

03/01/2012, 07:10 PM
834 roa2012 dreaming of freshies thumb 0001 thumb
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Date Posted: 10/02/2012

Timmy's personal sweet-spot of hacking is found where multiple passions of mine collide. He is going to cover his happy place of hacking and will include all aspects of the Ruby on Ales Lifestyle: Ruby, Beer, and the pursuit of Snow through them both.

He will discuss finding a niche where your passions combine, discovering a need for a business/service, and going for it. All the while finding a way to give back to OSS and your community.

03/01/2012, 09:30 PM
835 roa2012 bundle install y u so slow thumb 0004 thumb
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Date Posted: 10/06/2012

03/01/2012, 10:10 PM
836 roa2012 random panel thumb 0004 thumb