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GORUCO 2012 Schedule

June 23, 2012

( 13 available presentations )
06/23/2012, 05:00 PM
976 goruco2012 the future of deployment thumb 0003 thumb
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Date Posted: 07/01/2012

When you type “cap deploy”, “ey deploy”, or “git push heroku master” your intent is to deploy your local application source to your running system on the Internet. That seems to be the point - you changed your code, and you want to Just Ship It. But what is your actual objective? Is it really to just “deploy app code changes”? Is this “app-centric” view and user experience satisfactory?

Code deployment is your intent on some occasions. On others you want to change your product

06/23/2012, 06:00 PM
977 goruco2012 hexagonal rails thumb 0000 thumb
Rating: Everyone
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Date Posted: 07/01/2012

In the early days of a project, Rails absolutely dazzles.

Tragically, the very same forces that make it so easy to add new features to a brand new Rails application are the ones that start to hold you back as the number of features grows.

Your test suite gets slower and slower, and refactoring becomes more and more of a chore. Everything seems coupled together, and it's hard to see much of a structure other than the MVC triad.

In this talk, Matt explains why this happens, and shows you a way out, using a ports-and-adapters or hexagonal architecture to introduce a separation between your application's domain logic, and the Rails framework.

With practical examples, you'll learn how to apply techniques like:

domain services
value objects
view models
This talk is suitable for advanced Rubyists who want to enjoy the benefits of Ruby's great Object-Oriented and functional programming features in their Rails applications.

06/23/2012, 07:00 PM
978 goruco2012 the front end future thumb 0000 thumb
Rating: Everyone
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Date Posted: 07/01/2012

With the rise of Javascript MVC frameworks like Ember and Backbone, web programmers find themselves at a fork in the road. If they keep doing server-side web programming, they'll benefit from tried-and-true tools and techniques. If they jump into Javascript MVC, they may be able to offer a more responsive web experience, but at significant added development cost. Which should they choose?

This talk will address the strategic costs and benefits of using Javascript MVC today. I will touch on subjects such as development speed, usability, conceptual similarities with desktop and mobile applications, the decoupling of rendering and routing from server logic, and the state of the emerging Javascript MVC community. I will also discuss the impact of this seismic change on Ruby, Rails, and your career as a software engineer.

06/23/2012, 09:00 PM
979 goruco2012 organizing and packaging rich javascript apps with ruby thumb 0003 thumb
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Date Posted: 07/01/2012

More and more developers are facing the challenge of organizing and deploying complex client-side Javascript apps. It turns out there are some excellent solutions to this problem bubbling up in the Ruby ecosystem. I am responsible for two complex Javascript applications at Yapp, and in this micro-talk, I will share a solid solution to this problem using open source Ruby projects.

06/23/2012, 09:10 PM
980 goruco2012 your face in 10 minutes with macruby thumb 0004 thumb
Rating: Everyone
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Date Posted: 07/01/2012

In this talk we will build a face detection and recognition app all in Ruby with the power of MacRuby... in 10 minutes! The purpose of this talk is to demonstrate how one can take advantage of Apple API's and Ruby tools to quickly build powerful desktop applications.

06/23/2012, 09:20 PM
981 goruco2012 high performance caching with rails thumb 0002 thumb
Rating: Everyone
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Date Posted: 07/01/2012

In this talk, I'll dig into how this type of caching allows us to cache far less data than traditional methods, invalidate fewer records, improve our cache hit rates, and scale to hundreds of thousands of memcache of requests per second with a 98% cache hit rate - all while showing users data differently based on perspective.

06/23/2012, 09:30 PM
Rating: Everyone
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Date Posted: 07/01/2012

In this micro talk, I'll review the basic theory behind hash functions and hash tables, show you the new internal data structures that Ruby 2.0 uses to save keys and values, and present some performance data that proves this optimization exists and how much time it will actually save you.

06/23/2012, 10:00 PM
983 goruco2012 sensible testing thumb 0003 thumb
Rating: Everyone
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Date Posted: 10/02/2012

Most Ruby programmers spend significant time writing, maintaining and troubleshooting automated tests. While recent discussions in the Ruby community have focused on whether we're writing too few or too many tests, this talk looks at how we can write "sensible" tests that allow our applications to deliver the most possible value with the least amount of development time and effort.

06/23/2012, 11:00 PM
984 goruco2012 maintaining balance while reducing duplication part ii thumb 0002 thumb
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Date Posted: 07/01/2012

This talk is a sequel to the talk David gave at RubyConf 2010, and will focus on refactorings that we rely on to reduce duplication, and their implications, both positive and negative.

06/24/2012, 12:00 AM
985 goruco2012 building developers lessons learned from hungry academy thumb 0003 thumb
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Date Posted: 07/01/2012

Here's the quick story of what's worked, what hasn't, and the lessons learned as we try to solve the developer shortage.

06/24/2012, 12:10 AM
986 goruco2012 from zero to api cache w grape mongodb in 10 minutes thumb 0003 thumb
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Date Posted: 07/01/2012

We'll take a Grape API from zero to cache in 10-minutes. This cookbook includes support for ETags, handling relational data, 304s, etc., based on several months of incremental development at

06/24/2012, 12:20 AM
987 goruco2012 maps want to be free thumb 0001 thumb
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Date Posted: 07/01/2012

How to build your own online maps and free yourself from Google Maps limitations and fees.

06/24/2012, 01:00 AM
988 goruco2012 power rake thumb 0002 thumb
Rating: Everyone
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Date Posted: 07/01/2012

In this talk we will cover the "hidden" features of Rake that are not typically used by the casual Rake user. We will learn about the convenience of file lists, dynamic generation of tasks, rule based file generation and more.